Advertising & Co-op

Worldwide has an advertising department that provides a source to help you promote product and get co-op reimbursement for advertising dollars that you have earned.

The advertising staff can provide promotions that include assortments that can be customized based on your geographical product needs.  You get to decide when to run the
ad and at what prices you want to sell the product.  If multiple stores participate in a mailer there are significant savings on the production and printing costs.

Worldwide also keeps an extensive library of current product CD’s from the vendors we do business with.  If you are in need of a photo, simply call our office and we will help
you locate it. 

Whether or not we produce the advertising, we can collect co-op revenues for you. 

For more information on ads,
Call LeAnn Evans at 253-872-8746 ext. 338 or
E-mail LeAnn

For more information on a simplified co-op collection system,
Call Donna Johnson at 253-872-8746 or
E-mail Donna